New Rider FAQs

Who can ride?

The great thing about horse riding is that it is suitable for men and women of all ages as long as you are fit and healthy and weigh no more hat 95kg.

At the Showgrounds we cater for riders from the age of 4 years upwards.

We can take lessons with younger children with parent involvement.

If you or your child has any special needs or medical conditions please state this at the time of booking the lesson.

If Showgrounds cannot cater for your needs we will do our best to find a riding centre that can.

What if I have never ridden before?

The point of a riding school is to teach people to ride, so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

Our staff appreciate you openly discussing your riding level or fears as this helps them cater for you in the lesson. So please speak freely to them.

What do I wear?

All riders are required to wear a safety standards approved helmet that is less than 5 years old. If you do not have a helmet we are happy to lend you one.

You must ride in long pants and a fairly fitted top with at least short sleeves and no stomach or shoulders bare. Cloths should be fitted, not loose and flapping as they may spook the horse. remove all loose jewellery and don’t ride with your car keys or mobile phone in your pocket.

Shoes must be flat soled with a small heel – no runners or work boots. You need your foot to be able to slip out of the stirrup in the event of a fall.

Gloves are optional, but advisable.

Long hair must be tied back from your face.

How do I make a booking?

It is simple to book, just obtain a booking form from our website and pdf or post it to us with confirmation of payment. You can also phone us on (08) 9383 4800.

As we run on a very tight schedule please turn up ten minutes before your booking lesson.

Showgrounds does not refund any money paid for unused lessons. We can also not offer refunds or credits or rescheduling of missed lessons.

We cannot run lessons over time so if you are late then you may miss some of your lesson.

What do I do when I arrive?

Each riders name should appear on the white board with their allocated horses. If you need to borrow boots and helmets please come a little early so that you can be fitted for these items. Boots and helmets are found in the “Boots and Helmets” locker as you enter the stable complex.

If you are a new rider you will have to complete some paperwork including a “waiver of liability” form.

This form states that you understand horse riding is a dangerous sport and you undertake riding at your own risk.

If you are unsure of your instructor please look for a staff member to help you. If we have not met you before we may think you are a friend of another rider and not notice you…please speak up so we can help.


At the Showgrounds we cannot improve our service if clients do not give us feedback – good and bad. If you have any queries or comments please discuss with our manager Emma.


Each horse has their own temperament and personality. Some are easier to ride than others and some are better at some disciplines than others.

How do I act around a horse?

Horses being living creatures can be unpredictable. A staff member will instruct you on leading your horse to and from the lessons but the basics are:

  • Always wear your safety clothes around horses including your helmet
  • No sudden noise or screaming as they will get scared
  • Do not walk around the back of a horse, unless supervised, as they can kick
  • When leading your horse keep it well away from any other horses – especially at the back end of other horses
  • Ensure your tack and equipment is not dragging on the ground so that the horse cannot stand on it
  • Do not wrap leads and reins around your hands
  • If in doubt ask your instructor

We hope that this information pack is helpful and will make you feel comfortable with our school. We look forward to seeing you riding in the near future.